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London, England, W11 2NN
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(+44) 20 7727 4262

Our Mission

MISSION – defined in the dictionary as

the vocation or work of a church or of individuals in communicating their faith in a variety of ways to the wider community

St. John’s takes mission very seriously in its widest aspects, supporting the work of the church throughout London through the Common Fund, as well as giving money and support to other charities - locally, nationally and internationally. The PCC makes the recommendation that 75% of this giving should be made overseas, and 25% within the UK.

Please see the list of the charities we supported with outward giving in 2014 by scrolling to the bottom of the page. As a Church we receive many requests for support, more than we can actually help, so we have used the following guidelines to help us decide what/who we support. So far they have been that the projects/work are:

• Small. The limited amounts we can offer (relatively speaking) make a bigger difference to smaller organisations than larger. We don't for example support UN projects or large scale medical ones.

• Personal Connection. The link is much more "live" when there is at least one personal connection, which is true for all the projects we support.

• Christian. This is not to be dogmatic, but Christian run work often has restrictions on where funding can be obtained, especially in aggressively secular environments like ours.

Another important part of our mission is the Filipino Chaplaincy which is based at St. John’s. 

Mission Giving 2017

Given or raised in 2017

Lent Appeal to Mozambique                                                         £1,165

Christian Aid Week                                                                          £395

Grenfell Tower                                                                                  £6,930

Mathieson Musis School (Gala Dinner)                                      £2,800

British Legion                                                                                    £60.37

Bloodwise (Charity Carol Service)                                                £22,000

Iraqi Christians in Need                                                                  £80,000

Total                                                                                                     £113,350.37

Mission Action Plan 2018 - 19


Please click on the link below to see the Mission Action Plan for 2018 -19

Download File : Mission Action Plan 2018 - 2019 

MathiEson Music School

The Mathieson Music School is a Christian organisation, although children of all religious backgrounds are accepted and their various faiths respected. Subjects taught include English, Hindi and Bengali languages, Science, Chemistry and Biology, Information Technology, Maths, Singing, Dancing, Drama, Art, History, Tabla and Western Instrumental Music, Moral studies and Civics, General Knowledge, Religious Studies and Geography. The school is funded by the Mathieson Music Trust, a registered charity in the UK and in India.

Musical training not only furnishes the children with a way of expressing themselves, but offers them the possibility of securing life-long employment; the flourishing Indian film industry, military establishments, hotel and entertainment sectors are in need of Indians literate in Western music, and a trained musician has an earning potential two or three times that of the average Indian school leaver.

The school provides the children with all their physical needs - nourishing meals, uniforms, clean dormitories, sanitary plumbing - as well as recreational and educational needs: tuition in all subjects prescribed by the Indian Government curriculum, as well as instruction in both Western and Indian classical music: instrumental lessons, singing, and traditional dancing.

Apart from their normal school activities, the children practise performance skills, giving daily music and dancing concerts in preparation for the public performances they frequently give in Calcutta and abroad.

Instruction is in the English language. The regular teaching staff is augmented from time to time by qualified teachers from the UK who go out at their own expense to donate their varied skills, and by British gap year students who volunteer to help with the teaching and musical instruction. This East/West dimension gives the Mathieson pupils educational benefits unavailable in other Indian schools and is a valuable contribution to the children’s development.

Further information can be found at

CMS MiSSION PARTNERS in South east asia

St John's supports a priest in South East Asia.

Mozambique Parish - ALMA Link


The parish of St. Mary the Virgin, Chambone, Mozambique through the Angola London Mozambique Association (ALMA), working with the diocese of London.

The Parish priest in Chambone, is Emanuel Capeta as of January 2018. We have for many years supported the Parish of Chambone with our prayers and financial contribution. Fr Emanuel is in regular touch and they have big plans, all of which of course require funding. As their ALMA partner they do rely on St. John’s for financial assistance.

For further information regarding ALMA visit


For further details see our mission partners 2018 : LINK