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Children and Young People

Children 2019

For the details of Children’s work click here

Junior Church

Junior Church takes place most Sundays during term time. (Further details on the schedule are provided on the church website and notice board). 

Children and young people gather together at the start of the 10.30 am service. Babies from the Crèche and their parents are welcome to join in. Junior Church then divides into groups according to age, where the children relate Christian teaching to their own experience, through age-appropriate play, art and craft work, projects, story and discussion, using ‘Roots’, a lectionary based teaching programme. Junior Church ends with a time of prayer, before the children and young people join the main liturgical assembly. 

For further details, or to find out more about joining as a Junior Church teacher, please contact the Parish Office:

For the current term Programme for Junior Church 2019 here

[T] 020 7727 4262

Children and Holy Communion

At St John’s, we admit children, after preparation, to Holy Communion from the age of 7 (approximately). In the Christian tradition baptism has traditionally been the sacrament of full inclusion in the life of the church. This is an important sacramental and liturgical principle for us. 

All Age Worship provides an opportunity for children to experience worship as part of the whole congregation and participate in the Eucharist, when they are welcomed around the altar for the preparation and the receiving of communion. During regular Eucharist services, babies and children gather in the main body of the Church to be welcomed, before going down to the Undercroft to join the Creche or Junior Church. At the Eucharist, babies and children rejoin the main congregation when they may come to the altar for a blessing, or communion.

All Age Worship

Worship, by definition, is always All Age. Nine times each year, we make this more explicit by involving people of all ages in the Parish Eucharist as readers, intercessors, collectors, etc. On these Sundays children stay throughout, and there is no Junior Church provision.

Young People and FIRST COMMUNION

At St John’s, we admit children, after preparation, to Holy Communion from the age of 7 (approximately).  In the Christian tradition baptism has traditionally been the sacrament of full inclusion in the life of the church, so we admit to Communion before Confirmation.  Classes begin in March 2019, with admission to Communion at the Easter Vigil on Saturday 20th April 2019 at 8.30pm.

First Communion 2016

First Communion 2016


St John’s hosts the Monkey Puzzle Nursery in the newly renovated Undercroft. The Nursery works closely with the Church. It has its own entrance with access to a secure landscaped garden in the Church Grounds for the children. The Nursery is open 7am-7pm, 51 weeks a year and caters for children from 3 months to 5 years.

Completely equipped for the professional working parent, (or the very busy parent!) with full or part-time places available, all food and snacks are prepared on site from organic produce where possible and individual dietary needs are catered for.

For more information, please contact the nursery on 0207 792 5522 or 07885 657507, or

School Visits

Children from local schools regularly visit the church to take part in workshops, to learn about the church and Christianity, and to use the space for their school events. As part of the organ restoration project, 500 children have taken part in organ-related workshops, and many more are scheduled to take part in 2019. 

Safeguarding Children

St John’s is committed to being a place of love and nurture for all children. All adults working with children are checked through the necessary CRB requirements. The Parish has appointed Hannah Craig as its Safeguarding Officer. Hannah is responsible for ensuring that CRB guidelines are followed, and that the Parish is a place of best practice in the care and nurture of children.